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The poster session was held the first evening of the workshop (July 21) from 5:30-8pm in the Great Hall at the Union.

Results of the poster competition:

Best Poster Award: Aleksandr Kazachkov




Honorable Mention: Ulf Friedrich





Honorable Mention: Miles Lubin

Poster Award Committee: Karen Aardal, Warren Adams and Dan Bienstock



Last name First name Poster title
Adalgren Nathan Enhancing fathoming rules in branch-and-bound for biobjective mixed-integer programming
Anvari Saeedeh Modeling, Development and Analysis of Sustainable Facility Location and Demand Allocation Problem
Bodur Merve Strengthened Bender's Cuts for Stochastic Integer programs with continuous recourse
Bulut Aykut On the complexity of inverse MILP
Chen Chen Spatial branch-and-bound for spatial ACOPF
Danandeh Anna A cutting plane approach to robust mixed-integer programming
Deng Yan Dual Decomposition Algorithms for Solving Chance-Constrained Binary Programs
Fast Caleb On branch decompositions of linear relaxations for integer programming
Friedrich Ulf Optimal Sample Size Allocation for the German Census
Gamrath Gerald Improving Strong Branching by Domain Propagation
Gomez Andres Three partition inequalities for equal capacity fixed-charge networks
Hamzeei Mahdi MILP approaches to a class of mixed-integer bilevel programs
He Qie Minimum Concave cost flows in capacitated grid networks
Huchette Joey New MIP and SDP approaches to the floor layout problem
Kazachkov Aleksandr Obtaining deeper intersection cuts for generalized intersection cuts
Liu Xiao Decomposition Algorithms for Two-Stage Chance-Constrained Programs
Lubin Miles JuMP: open-source algebraic modeling in Julia
Marcos Alvarez Alejandro A Machine Learning based approximation of strong branching
Modaresi Sina The Power of a Negative Eigenvalue: Aggregation Cuts for Nonlinear Integer Programming
Rademacher Luis On blocking and anti-blocking polyhedra in infinite dimensions
Sahraoui Youcef MILP model for a real-world short-term hydro-power unit-commitment problem
Shim Sang-Ho A few strong knapsack facets
Xavier Alinson Facet defining inequalities for the bound relaxed two-integer knapsack
Yamangil Emre Generating multi-row simplex cuts on higher dimensional spaces
Yildiz Sercan Two-term disjunctions on the second order cone